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Go Getter is founded and run by Dan and Valerie Meyer, accomplished business executives and marketing experts who are MBA graduates from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and Kellogg School of Management

  • We know what employers are looking for

    As hiring managers and leaders of recruiting committees at Fortune 500 companies, we have interviewed, hired and mentored numerous graduates from public and private universities across the country, including Cal, UCLA, Northwestern University, Stanford University and Princeton University

  • We have connections with leading companies

    We have connections with thousands of successful professionals across most major industries. This network allows us to connect students to professionals in their chosen industry for invaluable mentoring opportunities. Google Disney Amazon

  • We’ve been job seekers ourselves

    We’ve landed multiple six-figure positions at both Fortune 500 and private
    companies, and we’ll teach you the same strategies and tactics that have worked for us.
    Intuit Clorox OmnicomGroup

  • We are expert brand builders

    As marketing executives, we have helped numerous college students and graduates build their personal brands, and we’ve managed more than 20 global brands for Fortune 500 companies, including:
    Clorox SaraLee Yahoo! Barbie


  • Daniel Meyer

    Dan Meyer


    Dan has over a decade of experience as a career consultant and mentor for college students and working professionals, while working as a marketing executive in the consumer packaged goods, technology and entertainment industries.

    Dan has held executive positions in Fortune 500 companies including The Clorox Company, The Omnicom Group and Sara Lee Corporation, where he managed businesses worth over $100 million and led the strategic marketing direction of global consumer brands including Clorox®, Sara Lee®, Yahoo!®, Microsoft®, and Dell®.

    Dan earned his MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management and his Bachelor’s degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and lives in San Francisco.

  • Valerie Wong

    Valerie Meyer


    Valerie has provided career consulting and mentoring to undergraduate and graduate students for almost 10 years, while working as a marketing, business development and finance executive in the technology and consumer packaged good industries.

    Valerie has held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies including Intuit, Mattel, and The Clorox Company, and has led marketing efforts for brands including Mint.com, Barbie® and Simplehuman®. In addition, she helped lead The Clorox Company’s $925 million acquisition of Burt’s Bees® in 2007.

    Valerie earned her MBA at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and her BA at UC Berkeley, and lives in San Francisco.


  • Jon Cohen
    Jon Cohen
    Vice President and General Manager
    Innovation Protocal
    Jon is Vice President and General Manager at Innovation Protocol, a 25-person brand strategy consulting firm in downtown Los Angeles. Prior to Innovation Protocol, Jon led global brand research for The Walt Disney Company and oversaw numerous strategy projects to maximize the value of the Disney brand and its franchises. Jon is a regular speaker on brand strategy and brand management, and contributor to media channels such as NPR. Mr. Cohen holds a BS from UC Irvine and an MBA from UCLA Anderson.
  • Pavan Tapadia
    Troy Edwards
    Product Lead
    Square Inc.
    Troy has over 15 years of experience in the Silicon Valley working with Square, Apple, IBM, and several early stage startups. He’s led all phases of product development including early funding, product design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution. Troy holds a Master’s Degree in Product Design from Stanford University, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
  • Alina Basina
    Alina Basina
    Director of Talent Acquisition
    SK Planet
    Alina has over 6 years of technical and corporate recruiting experience for Silicon Valley start-ups. She has spent the last few years working at awesome private and public companies such as Google, Skype, and Evernote. Alina holds a BS in Psychology from UCLA and a JD from San Francisco Law School. She was admitted to the California State Bar in 2010 and is an active member and a practicing attorney. She lives and works in San Francisco, Bay Area.
  • Etienne Demers-Martel
    Etienne Demers-Martel
    Senior Associate
    McKinsey & Company
  • Alex Sundquist
    Alex Sundquist
    Director of Land Entitlement
    8minutenergy Renewables

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Mastery of proven strategies, tactics and scripts that will land you a great job or internship
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